Google App Engine now supports Django

It looks like GAE is not just NoSQL any more, see here.

In other news, I have a strategy for extracting the mysql tables for manual backup from this wordpress blog.  Essentially a copy of ~/data/wp-content via this method here.  (I can check that this is the correct location by

dotcloud run -A <name of application> <name of database service>

in a terminal window.) Evidently I will need to test that this works. My plan is to create a new temporary application and see if I can “restore” the backup data to that application. If I can, I won’t have to mess around too much with automation of the process (I suppose automation is especially useful if one is setting up something like this for a client, and you don’t necessarily want to trust them with command line access to the code on the server itself).

It is worth noting that Google app engine also now supports backup (although still experimental), see here. But it looks very workable!

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