Backing up – the simple approach

So it would appear that I’ve been mildly silly and overthought the problem of backing up my files.  There is an export / import facility built into wordpress.  Although certainly I suppose knowing a bit about ssh, dotcloud and Amazon S3 could serve me well later, should I be considering operations requiring larger amounts of data and consisting of quite possibly more than one individual, which might well necessitate finer level control over disaster recovery.

This screenshot tells all:

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 5.03.46 PM

I’ve also discovered that you can get a plugin, Online  Backup for WordPress, that takes weekly snapshots of the entire blog.  So this looks like a workable approach.

Using the import / export tools, I was able to restore the blog to this location: .  The only difference is that I do not have all my plugins!  So, for posterity, here is the list I am using:

  • Jetpack by
  • Online Backup for WordPress
  • SyntaxHighlighter Evolved
  • WpZon Plugin for WordPress

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