Game Development #4 – Shop, basic dialogue, and game state persistence

I’ve made some further progress with my unity game.  Here is the latest demonstration video:

Previous videos in the series, in reverse order of appearance:

Bridge Battle

Animation and multiplayer demonstration

Transmission of player location via smartfoxserver

In this video, I demonstrate essentially integration of some functionality from a package from the Unity asset store into my game.  The features added are

  • an action HUD, with “examine”, “use”, “talk”, and “focus” as allowable actions.
  • the ability to shop a store
  • basic dialogue (managed as a state machine) – together with the option to switch from english to afrikaans
  • game state persistence
  • basic inventory and ability to equip items

The things that I would like to look into next would be, in no particular order:

  • The option to choose an avatar (or save game) on entry.  Perhaps allow multiple avatars per player, but have persistence of their state (like in a standard MMO).  Allow for different characters to be played (ie, different avatar appearance) but synchronise the chosen avatar across smartfoxserver so that all players see the same thing; this could be done, for instance, by indexing a set of prefabs which was the allowable avatar form list.  Use MecAnim to standardise animations across all avatars, so that there is no ambiguity when it comes to making a call to a player animation in order to do something in particular (eg walk, strafe, jump, run, fight (melee), fight (archery), fight (magic) ).  [This is in fact a great strength of the current incarnation of Unity, the ability to essentially map animations to different character frames]
  • NPC guards on a patrol path.  I thought I might be able to use Rain{Indie} for this, although that might be slightly over the top.
  • A better inventory system.  Allowing one to have object representations for items and mouseover text, if possible.
  • A character representation for item placement.  Allowing one to drag and drop items to particular locations on the character’s frame, or, alternatively, to be able to select an inventory slot and equip / unequip whatever is available in character inventory.
  • Monsters vs NPCs, with spawn points for both – for an ongoing pitched battle.

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