Ideas as to things I should probably look into doing next

Hi folks,

In addition to some of the things mentioned in the last post, I’ve had a bit of a further play, and have identified to a better degree as to what I would like to try to implement next.

Namely, I have been having a look into MecAnim to a greater or lesser extent – in particular finding this tutorial quite useful.  I’ve since accumulated a bit of a library of basic animations, and a few models, old and new.  In addition to this, I’ve been looking into patrol pathing for the creatures in question, sandboxing this work within a new scene.

Essentially what I would like to achieve is to have a group of friendlies – guards, on a set patrol path, and a group of enemies – skeletons, also on a set patrol path (inspired by this resource). When the two come within sight radius of each other, I want them to close for melee combat.  Upon attack, I would like the other creature to sense this and also join combat.  Creatures will have to face in the correct direction and be within a certain range for combat to be permissible.  In addition, I would like each creature to have a set number of hit points.  When this reaches zero, I would like an appropriate animation to play – then a moderate delay prior to destroying the prefab.  Then I would like a replacement enemy / guard to spawn and start walking along the original patrol path until it sees an enemy / guard, then charges to initiate combat, etc.

In terms of animations, I would like a walking animation to play while the creatures are walking, maybe a pause and idle animation at each waypoint, or certain specific waypoints, and if an enemy comes into sight radius / arc I would like the model to charge until within melee distance – at which point it is to stop and play an attack animation.  For a more convincing experience, I might also like to build in a “morale” stat, which determines at what health % the enemy / guard is likely to break and run in a random direction, at reduced speed.

I would also like the player to be able to join combat on one side or the other, most likely in favour of the guards.

For a bonus feature, I would like to have a button on the player HUD that allowed the following effect to occur – random spawning of large boulders falling from the sky, at say 5 or 6 (or maybe 10?) fixed and predetermined spawn points for the purpose.  ie so that at every predetermined time interval (allowing for delta time so that the implementation is hardware agnostic), a random number (say 1 to 3) spawn points are randomly selected.  Prior to impact I would like there to be an obvious red glowing marker at the location that the boulder will fall.  Then I would like the boulder to spawn and fall at some predetermined speed, and autocrush any avatars beneath, forcing respawn.  Subsequent to impact I would like the boulder to decay after some period of time, maybe with a lifetime of 1 minute  (In the intervening time I would like it to be treated as a wall for pathing purposes, as according to the particular AI script I will be using).

I would then be interested in implementing a dive and roll animation into the player controls, and possibly introduce a stat “reactions”/”reflex” to guards / skeletons, which make it more likely that they will detect imminent impact and also dive out of the way, even if they are in combat.  I would also like to be able to switch this effect off from the player HUD at will.

Later, time and resources permitting, ideally I would like to introduce missile combat animations (bow and arrow, and/or crossbow, sling, etc), and magic combat animations, to allow for guard / skeleton variants that can engage in combat at range.

So that’s my animation plans.  For the time being, as mentioned above, I intend to sandbox this activity, since converting the work to something that is synchronised in a SmartFoxServer might make things harder to build initially; I can do the legwork for that later.

The second thing I am interested in doing, and will probably take much longer to figure out, is to determine how to integrate a MySQL database with a SmartFoxServer application.  The ultimate goal of this will be to implement an architecture wherein I can store player specific login names, passwords (so, for instance if this was a licensed game, they would need to transact, or at least register to obtain a name and password), together with a table containing the set of all that player’s characters and their names, together with a table that, for each character name (uniquely specified for the server (for chat considerations)), contains the information as to health, stats, and inventory.  Inventory would be a string that contained a list of words, eg, potion, wand, leather armour, broadsword, that would presumably be read by the SFS extension jar file and allow the server to transmit to the client the data that relates to the items they have.  That sort of idea, anyhow – so that the data, related to persistence of character state, for the collection of characters each player has, is stored on the server.

So that’s the goal.  I do not expect implementation to be easy, particularly since documentation seems relatively scarce regarding such.  However, this post looks like a good place to start on said matter.  In particular, it is indicated how one might set up a custom SmartFoxServer via the RightScale platform if one wanted to deploy the server in the cloud, say on Amazon EC2, via the 12th point of the recipe (one can directly modify files while booting up/setting up a virtual machine on RightScale).

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  1. Guards vs Skeletons | Where's my hat?! Says:

    […] Random musings of a demonic entity « Ideas as to things I should probably look into doing next […]

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    Good info. Lucky me I discovered your blog by chance (stumbleupon).
    I’ve bookmarked it for later!

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    I’m glad you like the blog!

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