An open source in-game unity editor

I’ve been continuing to think about my aspirations for my Unity game, in particular, empowering players to build dungeons and function as a live ‘gamemaster’ / ‘dungeonmaster’, where rooms can be placed while players are in the game, and monsters / spawns can be dragged and dropped into the game. Also I’m keen to build an application / game where dungeon states can be saved or persisted. Regardless, as I mentioned back in this post, that seemed like an awful lot of work if I sought to build such from scratch, and on further reflection I have since come to the conclusion that it would be far handier to be able to adapt some resource that someone else had built to my purposes, or use some tool that another group had constructed in order to accomplish my objective (rather like I did with SmartFoxServer for enabling multiplayer in my game, with its quite user friendly API and accessible examples).

Hence I was quite excited today to discover that someone seems to have done just that, or at least built the germ of an idea that I and others can use. The project is OpenEd, and it claims to be essentially an open source in game Unity editor. Very cool! The github repository is here.

Certainly the task I have set for myself seems slightly less impossible now. I look forward to a time when I can dust off my old project and start trying to introduce this new functionality, hopefully around Christmas or the new year. I’ve already done a bit of work in simplifying the project structure; what I need to do now I think is to clean up the assemblies (there are about 4 or 5 weirdly named projects when looking at the scripts in MonoDevelop) / or build the scripting again from scratch, and also probably consider switching from MonoDevelop to Visual Studio, the flagship Microsoft IDE, which, in other good news, is now free for developers to use, and which has a Unity plugin for facilitation of Unity game development therein.

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