Haptics, dark glasses, and a broad brimmed hat

There has been a reasonable amount of hype regarding things in this sort of area, so I’ll keep this reasonably short.  Essentially my interest in writing this communication is to indicate what I’m looking for in a portable working environment as a ‘laptop replacement’.

To cut to the chase, the key thing that I’d be after would be a VR interface hooked up to a pair of modified dark glasses, and haptics to provide me with the sensation of typing on a keyboard, or moving a mouse.

Then one could essentially have an AR/VR type interface that one could use almost anywhere, and which could run off the computer in your pocket, or a workstation at home or the office.  So quite practical, really.

2016 should see some movement in this general sort of direction, but my guess is that it’ll take 5 to 10 years for the area to truly come into its own, and maybe 10 to 15 to properly mature.

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