Various Projects, Status & Rundown

Here is a brain dump of my various projects, and progress to date on them.

Unity 3D game

  • I was enthused to learn that Unity-Technologies have taken over development of GILES as of 12 days ago (which was originally a ProCore3D project), here: .  I have updated my copy of GILES to run against Unity 2017.3.1
  • I have been furthermore encouraged to learn that per that BoltEngine is now almost up to speed with the latest Unity, and that there will be a Sample Pack released soon (which should make my job of adapting the tech to my purposes simpler).

Phoenix/Elixir app

  • I have started playing around with Phoenix.  My current goal is to build a scaffold for an app where users can submit billboards, with topics, with posts, with attachments.  The data layout for this has largely been done and instantiated via ecto/postgres.  Hopefully I can progress this further by building out the controllers and the views over the next month or two.

Facebook events app

  • I have been spending some time learning a bit about android, in particular, Facebook app development.  My goal is to build an app that can query the graph api, and only extract and present data to me that I care about from Facebook.  This will have a couple of benefits to me – 1, that Facebook will become useful to me again, and 2, it will provide me with practical knowledge in terms of building Facebook apps.
  • Currently I have built a normal Android app, as well as a Facebook app placeholder.  However I am finding that there is a namespace conflict between the two apps; likely I will need to start a new project from scratch, rather than copying and then editing the namespace by hand.  Also, I intend to remove the need to ask for permissions from the app; I dislike apps that ask for permissions they do not need.

Machine learning reading and education

  • I’m currently reading the very approachable Introduction to Statistical Learning (, and doing the exercises in R.  My goal is to work my way through this book, and make a start on Elements of Statistical Learning, before looking into potentially undertaking a microdegree or two later this year.

Language Learning

  • I’ve been trying to learn a bit of French by working my way through the Michel Thomas course on same.  I’ve worked my way through the audio course once now; I will aim to work my way through it one or two more times before the end of the year.
  • I’m thinking of learning a bit of German the same way, with the sibling Michel Thomas course.
  • My goal by the end of 2019 is to be able to read Le Monde to a degree ( as well as Der Spiegel (

Research project, arithmetic topology

  • Preliminary progress has been made.  This is largely on the backburner for now, but I should probably make a bit of an effort to properly write up what I have at some point.

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