Deploying a phoenix app to production, II

Consequent to my earlier investigations, I found that edeliver failed to provide what I needed to run a phoenix app in production – although I was able to have a brute force workflow to deploy something to a digital ocean server.

That too, was limited however, in that I was unaware as to how to run my app as a background process (daemonised).

Fast forward a bit, and I found an alternative deployment tool called bootleg:

I hence followed the following steps:

1. Added these dependencies to my mix.exs
{:distillery, "~> 1.5", runtime: false},
{:bootleg, "~> 0.7", runtime: false},
{:bootleg_phoenix, "~> 0.2", runtime: false}

2. Ran mix deps.get
3. Ran mix release.init
4. Modified .gitignore so that I was able to commit prod.secret.exs to my repo. Used environment variables instead
5. Modified deploy.exs:
role :build, "server_ip", user: 'root', identity: "~/.ssh/id_rsa", workspace: "/app_build"
role :app, "server_ip", user: 'root', identity: "~/.ssh/id_rsa", workspace: "/app_release"

6. Modified deploy/production.exs:
role :app, [“”], workspace: “/root/app_release”
7. ssh’d into my server and made sure those directories existed
8. mix
9. mix bootleg.deploy
10. mix bootleg.start

This turned out to be sufficient to deploy my app.

One last thing: I needed to set a blank password for my ssh key. Hopefully bootleg will fix this in a later release.

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 12.00.57 PM.png

You can view said site at

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