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Various odds and ends

November 11, 2018

I recently discovered that there is an open source game engine called Godot. Having now listened to more than 40 lectures on how to use the engine by, I can confirm that it is quite a useful piece of technology.

Also, I recently came across OpenAi’s ‘Spinning Up’ page from a blog post of theirs, here: , in terms of getting started with the discipline of Deep Reinforcement Learning, a combination of Deep learning with reinforcement learning. They use MuJuCo for this, which requires a $500 USD license (so probably not justifiable for random experimentation), however OpenAi also have an open source variant of the same sort of program here: that, although probably not nearly as good, has the advantage of being opensource and free. They are apparently currently working on ‘roboschool 2’, which will represent a significant step forward on this project.

The FutureCrunch folks have posted three blog entries on the transition to clean energy globally, which represents four months of intensive research by said folks. There are approximately 2 hours worth of reading summed up in three blog posts:


FutureCrunch also informed me of the existence of this movie trailer: based on a book of short stories ‘The Wandering Earth’ by Cixin Liu.