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December 24, 2019

Let’s see if I can do a bit of work every day in January on my project again. Rules for myself:

  • Sundays and Wednesdays to be rest days
  • No more than one hour of work per day
  • Use a cloud instance of Jira for tracking and planning work (already actioned)


  • Pre-plan prior to next productivity hack month (in progress)

… and learning / ongoing investment in knowledge (optional):

Looking back and looking ahead

December 23, 2019

Things that other people did or might yet do

Cool things that happened last year

  • Tensorflow.js
  • Godot 3.2 alpha
  • Godot 4.0 progress
  • Fusion progress (Wendelstein, ITER, …)
  • Spacecraft progress (Reaction Engines Ltd)
  • Nanotechnology & biotech progress
  • Quantum computing progress
  • GodotGetaway course
  • Reticular chemistry book
  • Progress in applications of technology to cleanup, water extraction from air, renewable sources of energy / fixing environmental problems

Things that I look forward to in 2020

  • Reaction engines more progress (maybe a fully assembled engine core demonstrator)
  • Nanotech progress / reticular chemistry applications
  • Godot 4.0
  • More word from Max Planck Plasma Physics regarding Wendelstein 7-X
  • More progress on research, development and deployment of technology towards addressing environmental risks / problems
  • Majorana fermion quantum computing (or by other means) progress for room temperature quantum computing
  • Books: A Song of Ice and Fire book 6 / 7?, The Doors of Stone

Things I did or wish to do

Things that I worked on in 2019


  • Godot project (D&D + multiplayer)
  • GodotGetaway course
  • Standard work (became moderately competent at software engineering)
  • Deployed my own email server (mailinabox), and my own rss feed server – complete with twitter to rss separate VM
  • Learned about domain registration, CNAMEs and other configuration for internet infrastructure
  • Tried unsuccessfully to get a SIP server working


  • Completed phase one of research programme (+ had an article accepted to the arxiv preprint server)
  • Mapped out future direction for research programme for handover


  • Learned some French + German (not very much)

Green things

  • Grew vegetables in garden

Things I look forward to working on in the coming year


  • Learning tensorflow.js
  • Playing with microfrontend frameworks + serverless
  • Playing with Godot / building my project + prototyping /w Heroku for networking. Building a minimal viable product for Godot project.
  • GodotGetaway / 1 bit Godot course / other learning
  • More main job work / software engineering
  • Learn functional programming
  • Getting a SIP server working
  • Learning how to deploy ML infrastructure wrt a ‘dad joke’ bot that maximises ‘surprise’


  • Experimenting with music composition
  • Looking into creative writing after a 20 year hiatus


  • Looking into handing over my research programme


  • Learn some more mandarin + maybe French / German

Looking at trees

  • More gardening
  • Going for a number of walks
  • Making space for rest and time out