Performance, SEO, and UX tweaks

Today I:

Things are looking fairly good on the site now though. FCP on 3G is now below 3 seconds from Virginia, which seems good enough. I’d like to fix the jquery issue, but I’m not sure that that is a solvable problem with WordPress.

I suspect that this snippet here needs to be combined with removing the exclusion from Autoptimize. This might be worth looking into again … okay, so applied to functions.php of the child theme, reactivated the theme and restarted httpd, and removed the exclusion. Nope, still browser errors! Looks like jQuery is a tough nut to crack.

Next immediate items, this sprint:

  • Figure out what is still causing lazy loading with some of my images (locally things are looking pretty good though, so probably just a CDN / cache thing)
  • Enable Datadog RUM and doublecheck it doesn’t degrade performance for the site, now that I have various Async plugins enabled,
  • Get user feedback from one or two contacts in the US regarding performance of website
  • Investigate running a Google Ads campaign

Next sprint:

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