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Short Story 1: All will be repeeled

January 31, 2016


As part of a slightly new direction for this blog, I thought I might aim to write and polish a short story, or something that could be a chapter in a book, once per month.  My reasoning for this is that in terms of my other interests, they are met either by other publication venues, or have been curtailed recently by lack of time (namely, my unity project, which is also hampered by the fact that source control of unity projects is a bit temperamental, to say the least).

I also might abstain temporarily from talking about some of my favourite topics (such as gene editing, nanotechnology (including 3D printing, bioengineering, …), quantum engineering, quantum computing, the docker/kubernetes stack, miscellaneous cool open source projects, spaceplanes, nuclear fusion (including the Wendelstein 7x stellarator), sustainable agriculture, vertical farming…) so that I can refresh my mind and look with fresh eyes upon these things in another few months, or maybe more.  I’d prefer not to oversell some of these topics, or write at too much length on them.  In terms of my tastes in such regard, I think writing sparingly is the best approach; I do not particularly see myself as a fanatical evangelist in terms of any of these topics, but more of someone who likes to point out things that seem potentially important, and then move on – to leave to others with deeper knowledge and established expertise, or those who are more connected to the centre of innovation in the area, the task to push these things.

Instead, I’m going to take a break from technical writing and pivot slightly towards writing of a more fictitious bent.

So, what now?  I think, huzzah, a story!  Yes, what fun!

All will be repeeled

Three antennae Capsaisin hadn’t see an Antelope like that since kernel Custard had saturated the colony.  It was a mess; who was going to send a postcard and tell the kitchen that the mapping had not been quite surjective?  Because it hadn’t – a few survivors (Sir Jective included) had held the fort against the terrible deluge.

Nonetheless, those that had not ab-sconed for baguette country had managed to profit from the experience.  There were ample supplies now of energy to restock and rebuild.

Cap’s job was a simple one in the colony; he was a judge, of sorts.  If workers had a dispute that required compensation, he’d preside over the dispute while lawyers settled the intricacies of who hadn’t quite pulled their weight in a seed gathering expedition, or of a poor soul who had followed the pheromone trail and ended up in a puddle, and sought recompense from the expeditionary overseer for misrepresentation of trail safety.

He would have sighed, if he could have sighed.  It was a thankless task, but better than scurrying around through the hills of the never never as he had in his youth.

Today’s proceedings were slightly different, however.  Three young interlopers were seeking a repealing; in particular, of an Orange.

“I must insist that the orange be returned to its former state, so that portions can be divided appropriately,” stated the first of the three.

“Impossible.  A protest against your demands.  Entropy cannot be reversed.”

“Aha, but it is a state machine.  A Mark, of chain – see these markings?  From the wanderers of the plains.  Apache Ant.  And you yourself stated that you are pro test.”

Cap thought for a moment.  “Hmm.  So it seems that this must needs be settled.  And I have in mind an ideal for resolution.”

“Speak.” said the third, who had been quiet until then.

“You spoke of a test.  I propose a challenge, a trial.  To bring back the herd from the den of toothbrush.”

There was a hushed silence.  “You mean…?”

“Yes, those that were scattered before the event of Safeway’s Premium Custard.  That went to the wilds.  Return them, and we shall discuss how the impossible might once again be possible.”

The court adjourned with relative alacrity, as had not been seen since the match between Chemical Andrea and Turncoat Susie.  Fire would soon fly, but not before the match was lit.

To be continued…